Competitive Gymnastics

Home of current Olympic All-Around Champion, Simone Biles. At World Champions Centre, our highly qualified, Nationally and Internationally recognized staff maintain success while providing healthy, disciplined and consistent training. We currently offer Compulsory team Levels 2-5 and all Optional levels including a TOPs, Hopes and Elite program. Many of our current team members are also receiving and pursuing College Scholarships. We always strive for excellence and at World Champions Centre, the world is yours!

Our invitational boy's team program (4 - 6) is for boys that have accomplished all the skills necessary within the Jets and Developmental programs.   These gymnasts train on all 6 Olympic events and work to develop strength, flexibility, and balance, which are the fundamentals of gymnastics and all sports.  The Compulsory Team practices multiple days a week and will attend state level competitions. At the Optional level, gymnasts are working to develop highly advanced and complex skills on all 6 Olympic events.  The Optional Team trains several days a week and will attend national level competitions.

Women's Competitive Team Information:

Level 2 – Level 10

TOPs, Hopes & Elite


Men's Competitive Team Information:

Compulsory Team: Levels 4-6

Optional Team: Levels 7-Elite

Preschool Gymnastics

At World Champions Centre, our Preschool Gymnastics Program has everything for your child walking through 5 years old. Our qualified, enthusiastic instructors follow age appropriate lesson plans to maximize fun and learning. We even have scaled down versions of all Olympic apparatus to help boost your child’s confidence and success.

Kutie Kites: 1-2 Years Old (Parent Participation Required) | 35 min class

This parent and child class is designed for your adventurous, walking child to explore new surroundings while developing gross motor and social skills in a safe, fun and playful environment. Each class uses engaging activities centered around the fundamentals of gymnastics to keep your child moving and learning.
Child must be walking to join class.  

Awesome Arrows: 2-3 Years Old | 45 minute class

In this exciting parent and child class, you will work together to develop concepts such as taking turns and following directions, using progressions to basic gymnastics skills. Each engaging class uses fun and imagination to encourage the development of gross motor skills, independence and confidence.
Child must have turned two by September 1st.  

Dynamic Darts: 3-4 Years Old | 55 minute class

Each class continues to foster fundamental social skills such as taking turns, sharing and following directions. Your child will engage in fun, safe and challenging activities designed to develop strength, coordination and confidence using progressions of basic gymnastics skills.
Child must have turned three by September 1st.   

Fearless Flyers: 4-5 Years Old | 55 minute class

This fun and challenging class continues to develop coordination, strength, and body control. By incorporating multi-step tasks using early 
gymnastics skills and emphasizing fundamental social skills, this engaging class encourages
confidence and discipline, and provides the
building blocks for our school age program.
Child must have turned four by September 1st.

For enrollment questions please contact our front desk.  

Recreational Gymnastics

Recreational Classes

Each class in our recreational gymnastics program is designed to maximize fun while learning. We encourage all students to reach their full potential at their own pace. Classes focus on developing strength, flexibility, coordination and confidence while learning new and exciting skills on all four women’s or all 6 men's events. Classes are available for students Kindergarten through 12th grade and last 55 - 85 minutes.

Girl's Recreational Classes


This beginning class focuses on the fundamentals of gymnastics. Skills to be mastered include cartwheels and handstands (floor) pullovers and casts (bars), squat-ons (vault) and beginning beam skills involving balance and movement.


In our intermediate classes, gymnasts will continue to develop their gymnastics, learning skills such as back walkovers and round offs (floor), back hip circles and glide swings (bars), handstand flat backs (vault) and more advanced beam skills such as jumps, handstands, and cartwheels. 
Bronze mastery or director approval required for enrollment.


This advanced class continues to develop your child’s skills by meeting twice per week. We will begin mastering back and front handsprings on floor, squat-ons and mills circles on bars, beginning front handsprings on vault and continuing to master skills on the high beam such as cartwheels, handstands, and even back walkovers.
Silver mastery or director approval required for enrollment.

Men's Recreational Classes


Boys Recreational Gymnastics classes cater to gymnasts of different abilities with an emphasis on increasing skill level in a positive and fun atmosphere.  These classes focus on basic to advanced gymnastic skills on Vault, Parallel bars, Pommel Horse, High bar, Rings and Floor.

For enrollment questions please contact our front desk. For program questions or concerns, please contact us at 281-292-6284.

Tumbling & Trampoline

About T&T (Tumbling and Trampoline)

Trampoline and Tumbling involves three disciplines: tumbling, trampoline and double mini. World Champions Centre offers classes in the trampoline-based disciplines and in tumbling. WCC also has a competitive T&T team.

Trampoline is the only one of the three disciplines of T&T competed in the Olympics. This is not your backyard trampoline, however. A competitive trampoline requires athletes to learn air awareness as this type of trampoline will bounce the athlete much higher than a recreational trampoline. Beginning trampolinists will As athletes progress, they will begin learning combinations of jumps and begin to learn front and back saltos, leading to more complex combinations of skills.

Double Mini is similar to vault in that athletes run down a runway and hurdle on to an apparatus that will assist them to get higher in the air. The Double Mini trampoline consists of two beds, a mounter bed and a spotter bed, connected in to one apparatus. Athletes will perform different types of jumps on each portion of the trampoline. Double mini beginners will learn how to approach, mount and dismount the double mini. Different types of jumps will be introduced as athletes learn how to use the trampoline eventually leading to more and more difficult combinations of jumps and saltos.

Tumbling takes place on a rod floor, which is more bouncy than a spring floor but less bouncy than a trampoline. Beginning athletes will learn the tumbling basics—various rolls, cartwheels and roundoffs. Athletes will progress to combinations and begin learning back handsprings. Advanced tumblers will learn combinations of skills, finishing with a salto.

Recreational T&T athletes will develop great strength, flexibility and conditioning. It is perfect addition for individuals who are in other sports.

T&T team members will practice on all three disciplines, preparing for local, state, regional and national competitions. Competitive T&T is for everyone, regardless of age or ability. Unlike gymnastics, T&T athletes do not have to compete in the same level for all apparatuses. Therefore, a strong tumbler with not as strong trampoline skills can compete a higher level in tumbling instead of waiting for the trampoline skills to improve before moving up in all disciplines.

For enrollment questions please contact our front desk.  For program questions or concerns, please contact Jimmy our program director.


WCC is proud to announce that we have a dance instructor, Dana Sparks, who teaches classes in our dance studio!  Please give her a call or send her an email for more information on class schedules and pricing at or click here to view their class schedule and to register.



Tiger Rock Martial Arts aims to enrich the lives of every student with a unique model of rich martial arts tradition, fitness training, and skills training. We are proud to create an experience that cannot be found in any other academy in the North Houston area.


Our newest location will be opening April 1st, 2016 situated in World Champions Centre (28865 Birnham Woods Drive – Spring, Texas, 77386)


The Tiger Rock Martial Arts of The Woodlands features Brad Hoffman (6th degree), Matthew Hartman (Senior 5th degree), Bryce Bicknell (4th degree), and Adam Deltgen (2nd degree).  Master Hoffman is committed to helping each student that walks in through the door become more self-disciplined, increase their confidence, improve their health, and achieve their goals.

What does Tiger Rock Martial Arts of The Woodlands have to offer?

  •   There are specialized classes, specific to each groups unique classroom needs: Tiger Cubs (pre-school age 4 - 6 yrs), Juniors (6 yr olds – 11 yr olds), and Teens & Adults.

  •   Students can start anytime and blend into the academy with other beginners.

  •   Beginner classes are forming now at World Champions Centre, 28865 Birnham Woods Dr, Spring Texas (Call Brad Hoffman at 281-704-4416 for information).

  •   All  instructors are annually qualified dedicated to excellence and continuing education.

  •   Students can move forward at their own rate and not as a class unit.

We welcome students of all ages and backgrounds to our academies. Whether you are experienced in martial arts or just getting started on the mat, we invite you to come see what Tiger Rock Martial Arts of The Woodlands is all about.

Birthdays & Events

WCC would be happy to host your next birthday party for children ages 4+!  We have two party rooms which can be converted into one large room if needed and we have several party packages to choose from.  Please email or give us a call to book your party or event (at least a one week notice is required to guarantee your date/time).

WCC Summer Team Camps

WCC Summer Team Camps!!

Calling all Gymnasts and Tumbling and Trampoline athletes, we hope to see you at the World Champions Centre's Summer Camps!  

Camp A: June 18th-21st 
Camp B: June 22nd-25 
Camp C: June 26-29th 
Camp D: June 30th-July 3rd 

Each camp will run for a duration of four days, beginning with a camp welcome by the WCC coaching staff, Olympic champions and other guests! During camp, athletes will go through their morning rotations, have lunch and return for their afternoon rotations. Athletes can be picked up from WCC after the last rotation, or at the conclusion of the afternoon activity. 
The last day of camp will conclude with some fun in the sun! 

We have some amazing activities planned for the 2017 WCC Summer Team Camps, including:

  • Appearances will be made by 2016 4X Gold Olympian, Simone Biles and other special guests! 
  • 2x Olympian and motival speaker Jonathon Horton!
  • Each camper will receive a GK Elite leo (Girls) or GK Elite compression shirt (Boys) signed by Simone Biles!
  • Guest coaches are welcome! The cost for guest coaches is $150.00. Guest coaches that are interested in participating in the Summer Camp must send an email prior to arrival to camp. Coaches who bring 10 or more campers attend for FREE.

Food will be available for purchase. Regarding transportation, we strongly recommend that parents or chaperones rent a vehicle to commute to and from camp and to make the most of your visit to the Houston/Spring, Texas area. For other transportation options, we can recommend services such as Uber or Lyft.* It is approximately a 19-minute drive from George Bush International (IAH) Airport to World Champions Centre (WCC).

Special hotel rates are available at Hampton Inn and Suites - North Houston Spring. Complimentary hot breakfast buffet, Wi-Fi and overnight guest parking.

Use Group Code: WC1 for Camp A, 'WC2' for Camp B, 'WC3' for Camp C, and use code 'WC4' for the discounted group rate for Camp D.

To register for camp and to receive Simone's SPECIAL discounted rate, click, call 281-292-6284.