Preschool Program

At World Champions Centre, our Preschool Gymnastics Program has everything for your child walking through 5 years old. Our qualified, enthusiastic instructors follow age appropriate lesson plans to maximize fun and learning. We even have scaled down versions of all the Olympic apparatuses to help boost your child’s confidence and success.

Kutie Kites: 18 Months - 2 Years Old (Parent Participation Required) | 35 min class

This parent and child class is designed for your adventurous, walking child to explore new surroundings while developing gross motor and social skills in a safe, fun and playful environment. Each class uses engaging activities centered around the fundamentals of gymnastics to keep your child moving and learning.
Child must be walking to join the class.  

Awesome Arrows: 2 - 3 Years Old | 45-minute class

In this exciting parent and child class, you will work together to develop concepts such as taking turns and following directions, using progressions to basic gymnastics skills. Each engaging class uses fun and imagination to encourage the development of gross motor skills, independence, and confidence.
Child must have turned two by September 1st.  

Dynamic Darts: 3-4 Years Old | 55-minute class

Each class continues to foster fundamental social skills such as taking turns, sharing and following directions. Your child will engage in fun, safe and challenging activities designed to develop strength, coordination and confidence using progressions of basic gymnastics skills.
Child must have turned three by September 1st.   

Fearless Flyers: 4-5 Years Old | 55-minute class

This fun and challenging class continues to develop coordination, strength, and body control. By incorporating multi-step tasks using early 
gymnastics skills and emphasizing fundamental social skills, this engaging class encourages
confidence and discipline, and provides the
building blocks for our school age program.
Child must have turned four by September 1st.

For enrollment questions please contact our front desk or call us at 281-292-6284.

For program questions, compliments, or concerns, please contact our program director Sarah Press.