Tumbling & Trampoline

About T&T (Tumbling and Trampoline)

Trampoline and Tumbling involves three disciplines: tumbling, trampoline and double mini. World Champions Centre offers classes in the trampoline-based disciplines and in tumbling. WCC also has a competitive T&T team.

Trampoline is the only one of the three disciplines of T&T competed in the Olympics. This is not your backyard trampoline, however. A competitive trampoline requires athletes to learn air awareness as this type of trampoline will bounce the athlete much higher than a recreational trampoline. Beginning trampolinists will As athletes progress, they will begin learning combinations of jumps and begin to learn front and back saltos, leading to more complex combinations of skills.

Double Mini is similar to vault in that athletes run down a runway and hurdle on to an apparatus that will assist them to get higher in the air. The Double Mini trampoline consists of two beds, a mounter bed and a spotter bed, connected in to one apparatus. Athletes will perform different types of jumps on each portion of the trampoline. Double mini beginners will learn how to approach, mount and dismount the double mini. Different types of jumps will be introduced as athletes learn how to use the trampoline eventually leading to more and more difficult combinations of jumps and saltos.

Tumbling takes place on a rod floor, which is more bouncy than a spring floor but less bouncy than a trampoline. Beginning athletes will learn the tumbling basics—various rolls, cartwheels and roundoffs. Athletes will progress to combinations and begin learning back handsprings. Advanced tumblers will learn combinations of skills, finishing with a salto.

Recreational T&T athletes will develop great strength, flexibility and conditioning. It is perfect addition for individuals who are in other sports.

T&T team members will practice on all three disciplines, preparing for local, state, regional and national competitions. Competitive T&T is for everyone, regardless of age or ability. Unlike gymnastics, T&T athletes do not have to compete in the same level for all apparatuses. Therefore, a strong tumbler with not as strong trampoline skills can compete a higher level in tumbling instead of waiting for the trampoline skills to improve before moving up in all disciplines.

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