Recruitable Athletes

2022 Graduates

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2023 Graduates

 Name: Haley Havenor
 Graduation year: 2023
 Best Event Score: 9.65 Beam

 Top D/E Skill: Tripple Full 
 Current GPA: 4.0


 Name: Neve King
 Graduation year: 2023
 Best AAScore: 38.05
 Top D/E Skill: Yurchenko Full, Ray, Shaposh, 360 Double Back, Double Layout, Full in, Flick Lay Lay, Side Ariel, Split 3/4
 Current GPA: Unweighted: 3.8 Weighted: 4.2




 Name: Sydney Razeghi
 Graduation year: 2023
 Best AAScore: 38.6
 Top D/E Skill: Yurchenko 1.5, Shiposh to Pak, Ray, Tckatchev, Full-out dismount, Flic Lay Lay, Front Aerial Flic Lay, Side Aerial, Split Half Jump, Ring Jump, Backhandsping Mount, Double Double, Double Lay, Full-in, RO 1.5 Front Full
 Current GPA: 4.0


2024 Graduates

 Name: Lily Bruce

 Graduation year: 2024

 Best AA Score: 38.550

 Top D/E Skill: Bars: Double layout-fullout, Straddle and piked Ray, Jaeger. Vault: Yurchenko full. Beam: handspring lay-lay; side and front aerial; training double back dismount; Onodi. Floor: double layout; double back; training double layout full-in; double double; double double layout; front double full

 Current GPA: 4.0


 Name: Piper Slocum
 Graduation year: 2024
 Best AA Score: 37.900

 Top D/E Skill: Vault: Yurchenko Full(Training- Yurchenko 1 1/2) Bars: Jaeger, Pak, Double Arabian(Training- Maloney) Beam- Front/Side Ariel,(Training- Round off Double Back) Floor- Double Tuck, Double Pike, Back 2 1/2, Rudi, Front Double Full(Training- Full in, Double Layout)
 Current GPA: 4.3