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Facility COVID & Medical Compliance Guidelines Posted June 2, 2020

Attention WCC Athletes & Families:

We are taking prophylactic measures for the safety of our staff, athletes, and families.

Hand washing/sanitizing – We are asking all our customers to wash/sanitize their hands prior to entering the gym. You will also notice increased signage around the facility reminding you to wash your hands and we will also have sanitizer available for use. We also suggest that your athlete take a full shower/bath when they get home after practice.
Facility changes – We have added a plexiglass shield for the front desk, and we are also asking that transactions be made using a credit or debit card, not cash/check, to minimize contact transmission. We have also treated nonporous surfaces with an antimicrobial barrier that is effective for 90 days. Our water fountains are closed however the bottle filling feature is available so please make sure to send your athlete to practice with a bottle of water labeled with their name.

We have a designated WCC Medical Liaison who is the contact person for all illness and Covid/Flu/Cold/Medical related inquiries. 

The contact information for our medical liaison is:
It is the responsibility of the parent(s)/guardians to notify our medical liaison via email immediately if your child goes home sick from gym/school, has tested positive for the Flu and/or Covid, or your child(ren) have a medical note keeping them out of physical activity, and/or your child(ren) exhibits any of the following symptoms:
Fever or chills
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
Muscle or body aches
Loss of taste or smell
Sore throat
Congestion or runny nose
Nausea or vomiting
Please be mindful and we highly encourage you to keep them home if they are exhibiting any of those symptoms. Once the parent(s) notifies our medical liaison via email, our medical liaison will be in touch with you on the protocol(s), any documentation needed to be submitted per the given situation, and she will be the contact person to give the final clearance back to practice.

We highly recommend the use of masks in our facility but it is no longer mandatory.
WCC will continue to monitor this evolving situation and update its policies accordingly.  We appreciate you being flexible, protecting each other, our athletes, and coaches/staff. As of 3/1/2022 WCC has updated its Covid policies via iClass.
WCC will continue to make decisions based on state & local mandates and for the safety of our athletes & staff. We appreciate all of your patience and understanding.

These policies will apply to anyone entering our facility and we reserve the right to deny entry to any who are not willing to comply.
As of 3/1/22 this is a copy of our most recent WCC Covid protocols:



WCC is committed to the health and safety of its athletes, employees, clients, and the community in which we do business. COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that can spread from person to person. We ask that all Athletes/family members read and acknowledge these Protocols and cooperate in taking steps to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19, and/or any other infectious disease in our facility. These Protocols apply to all Athletes and will be updated from time to time as may be necessary to remain up-to-date with current federal, state, and local guidance and requirements. The information below will be sent to the parents in the event that your child has been in close contact with an athlete or coach who has tested positive for Covid-19. WCC will implement the following Protocols to protect and safeguard the health of our athletes during this current surge.

Athletes that are accidentally exposed to a person who is positive for COVID at the gym during training (parents) will be notified via email of such exposure and to observe their Athlete for signs and symptoms. 

If an Athlete contacts COVID or is exposed to the virus in their household/outside of the gym, they will need to follow the guidelines for Quarantining below.

Notify our Covid Officer via email as soon as possible if your child has tested positive for Covid, and/or any illness for further instructions, and any other questions regarding Covid. Her email is:

IF YOUR ATHLETE TEST POSITIVE FOR COVID-19 (ISOLATE): (This applies to all Athletes regardless of vaccine status):

Stay home for 5 days

If The Athlete has NO symptoms or symptoms are resolving after 5 days, the Athlete can return to practice.

If The Athlete have a fever, continue to stay home until your fever resolves

The Athlete will wear a mask during practice for 5 additional days upon returning to the gym.


 Athletes that are accidentally exposed to a person who is positive for COVID at the gym during training (parents) will be notified via email of such exposure and to observe their Athlete for signs and symptoms. 

Athletes that are exposed outside of the gym, parents will be responsible for monitoring their children for any signs and symptoms.

WCC will continue to monitor this evolving situation and update its policies accordingly. Please keep in mind the policies could change at any given time based on the status of our area. We appreciate you being flexible, protecting each other, and our athletes.We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

The World Champions Centre continues to prioritize the health and safety of our community, and thanks you for your cooperation toward this important goal.

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