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Acrobatics & Tumbling


A&T is an emerging sport at the club level and a rapidly growing NCAA collegiate sport. Imagine this, group stunts, pyramids, and basket tosses similar to cheerleading, strong technique focused tumbling which is synchronized and a short skill focused routine set to music. A&T is a great avenue for girls who like some of the aspects of cheer but still want to be under the structured umbrella of USAG.  Former competitive gymnasts looking for life after JO and girls who love tumbling are perfect candidates for this exciting sport. Here at WCC, we are always looking for new team members, so if you would like to set up a trial please email our Director, Zach Francis, zach@wccgym.com.

At WCC, we are thrilled about the future of this sport and what it means for female gymnasts and athletes that love competing. Our current practice schedule is Wednesday nights 5-8 & Saturday mornings 9-12. For our inaugural competition season, we are planning on 3-4 meets here in Texas, our season runs February-May with a proposed budget under $1000 which includes: meet fees, coaches fees, uniforms, and team registration. All A&T athletes wear volleyball style uniforms and cheer shoes to complete their uniform, black and white wide receiver gloves are also allowed if the athlete chooses.


Below, you will find some helpful insights about A&T from a collegiate perspective and more.


A few statistics about collegiate A&T:

  • There are currently 24 collegiate A&T programs nationwide.
  • The roster can have up to 28 girls.
  • Over the next 4 years, A&T is expected to double in size 40-50 schools.
  • Currently 2 programs in Texas, Baylor University & East Texas Baptist University


Some of the commonly asked questions regarding Collegiate A&T:

  • Q: Do you choose your teams based on looks or size requirements?
  • A: No, Acrobatics and Tumbling teams are chosen based on athletic ability. There are no weight limits or height restrictions. Athletes are recruited based on position just like any other sport. For the aerial acrobatics portion, athletes are recruited as bases, flyers, or backs. Flyers are typically shorter than 5’3” and weigh less than 115. Most backs are over 5’6” and weigh over 140. Bases are any size or height. An athlete may be recruited if they excel in the tumbling skill & only compete in that event.
  • Q: What are you ‘judged’ on?
  • A: Our teams are scored on the execution of skills. All skills performed in every event, even the Team Event have pre-determined start values. Officials are trained to evaluate each skill and make deductions if needed. You will be scored the same in Maryland as you will be in Oregon due to a standardized scoring system. Teams are not judged on looks, choreography, and uniforms, but instead on how well they execute their athletic discipline.
  • Q: Where you do recruit these athletes?
  • A: Club gymnastics programs (several disciplines, including Acro, Artistic, and Trampoline & Tumbling) and competitive cheer gyms (primarily Levels 4 & 5).
  • Q: What is a standard uniform for Acrobatics and Tumbling?
  • A: It is a form-fitting numbered jersey & shorts (like a university volleyball team).
  • Q: What type of facility is required to host an event?
  • A: A basketball arena with 13 strips of carpet bonded foam (6 x 42 ft mats).



Baylor University A&T

Baylor A&T Highlight Video