Recreational Programs

Here at WCC we offer a diversity of programs so the needs of families are satisfied in place. 

Bellow you will find information about our preschool age programs 18months to 5 years old. Then you will see information about our school age programs for ages 5 years through 18 years old.

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Why REC Gymnastics.

Gymnastics provides the strongest all-around foundation for a child's gross motor skill development. Athletes develop balance, strength, agility, and coordination. Gymnastics also develops the intangibles for future success in and out of sports, such as perseverance, diligence, problem-solving, and more. 

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Gymnastics develops athletes for every sport. Whether your athlete falls in love with gymnastics or transitions to their forever sport we help your athlete develop success wherever they go. 
Many competitive gymnasts go on to diving, cheer, track & field, and A&T.

Boys have a tendency to outpace their peers when they start with a gymnastics foundation. Body awareness and muscle control give boys with a gymnastics background a leg up .

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Preschool Age Programs

Our preschool program is gymnastics centric program focused on the general gross motor skill development of children to help them be successful no matter where life takes them.

Our program starts at 18 months of age in our parent and me classes and goes up from there with preschool younger(3-4), preschool older(4-5), and combo classes(3-5).  Sometimes we have athletes that exceed the capabilities of their peers and we have invite-only programs such as Boys Preschool, Preschool Advanced, & our Pre-Team program Rubies.

Our preschool classes have a bit more grace than moving at exact birthdates, so if a child needs more time in a Parent & Me or is not quite ready to leave preschool and move to our school-age program we make provisions for the best possible outcome for our athletes.  

Parent & Me classes are 45 minutes in length and are $100 per month for one class per week.

The rest of our regular preschool classes are 55 minutes in length and are $115 per month for one class per week.

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Parent & Me

Preschool Younger

Preschool Older

Preschool Combo

Advanced Preschool

School Age Programs

Our school-age program is diverse and exciting! We offer many classes that meet our community's various needs. In addition, our recreational classes are each geared toward something specific. 
Girls Gymnastics is all about laying solid fun foundations of gymnastics that can lead to the opportunity for competitive gymnastics.
Boys Gymnastics teaches all 6 Olympic events for boys, teaching them self-control, discipline, strength, and flexibility. These are great foundations for any sport!
Tumbling & Trampoline teaches athletes not only the foundations of tumbling but it introduces and prepares them for the exciting opportunity of possibly competing in T&T.  Athlete will be introduced to trampoline skills & routines, as well as Double Mini skills and sequences. 
Power Tumbling is all about learning about tumbling. We want athletes to develop solid fundamentals and push their limits to be the best they can be. 
Warriors are our unique training that teaches athletes how to interact with their environment through vaults, climbs, flips, rolls, and more. We want these athletes to engage their environments with creativity and passion to have fun and win the day. With the addition of the RIG. Check out our Warriors page to learn more!
Our 55-minute classes are $115 per month for one class per week.
Our 115-minute classes are $165 per month for one class per week.

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Girls Gymnastics

Boys Gymnastics

Tumbling & Trampoline


How does my athlete move up?

All athletes in our recreational program develop on a individual scale and can move up to the next level when they have achieved their current class' learning goals. 

Coaches can asssess the athelte's ability during class as they coach and move them up, or during our quarterly skills assessment. We want athletes to develop and grow at their own pace without the pressure of having to do it within a "session". 

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About us

World Champions Centre employs great coaches of various backgrounds and experiences within the world of Gymnastics, Tumbling, Cheer, Parkour, and more. All of our coaches are trained and certified with USAG, the governing body of U.S.A. Gymnastics.

We look forward to seeing your athlete in our gym and partnering with you in helping your athlete reach their potential. If you have any questions please let us know we would love to help!

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