Warrior rig at world champions centre

Welcome to the RIG

WCC is proud to announce the opening of our newest addition, the RIG. A fully loaded Warrior obstacle course made to test the limits of your athlete while training their body & mind.

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Our Warrior classes are instructor lead journeys through all of the elements, giving your athlete the confidence and strength to find success. Part of the ethos of the Warrior Zone is helping athletes become their best selves. Our classes are focused on individual development and challenge the athlete to push themselves farther than they imagined.

In our program, your athlete will develop strength, endurance, confidence, transitions, balance, agility, and a level of body control not generally found in other sports. We believe that this program provides a great foundation for general athlete fitness and performance.

As athletes develop, they will progress through our levels and training programs. Each level focuses on specific parts of their training and future development. Each level is based on mastery of course elements and gaining strength. Classes will be sorted by age & size when available & appropriate.

RIG access

Weekly class instruction

Enroll in one of our weekly classes to gain regular strength instruction and skill development through the continued encouragement and instruction of our energetic and motivating coaches. 

Open Gyms

During open gym, there will be dedicated use time with specific coaches to help athletes as they navigate the course and test their boundaries. The Warrior Zone will require specific instruction and will have a higher element of regulated use during this time as opposed to other areas of the gym during an open gym.  

Warrior Intensives

These are dedicated Friday nights where the equipment and coaches will be in a more creative state of use. Athletes will still be required to navigate the course in specific directions but will be encouraged to utilize elements in a more free and self-determined method within the confines of a safety-first mindset. 

Warrior Parties

These events will have 75% of their gym time focused on the Warrior Zone. The other 25% will be at the trampolines and pit. Party participants will be able to push their boundaries and try new things while challenging themselves and others to how fast they can accomplish elements. All parties will get a dedicated rotation on the rig, but Warrior parties will be intentionally focused on it.  

Warrior Competitions

These are opportunities for your athlete to go head to head with other students in their age and ability level. There will be various rules and penalties for the athletes as they compete to be WCC’s Warrior Zone Champion. We will have various divisions based on current class level and athlete ages. 

Class Levels

Beginner 4-5

Foundational gross motor skills, agility, and strength training in a fun face paced environment. Athletes also develop positive team mindsets.  

Beginner 6+

Basic strength, agility, and understanding of safety and navigation of the Warrior Zone.

Move-up requirements: 30-second dead hangs, 3 Pullups, course efficiency, listening skills, positive teammate.


Continued strength development and the introduction of more complicated skill elements. Start learning wall run/flips.

Move-up requirements: 1 minute dead hangs, 10 pullups, Salmon Ladder complete 1 rung transition, efficiency on all elements on introductory difficulty.


Mastery of strength & focus on skills, ability to navigate all elements with consistency and focus.

Move-up requirements: Salmon Ladder transition the whole ladder, 60-second fingerboard dead hangs & 10 fingerboard pullups. 


Test creativity & develop increased complications, to push their personal boundaries of what is humanly possible.

Move-up requirements: There is no graduating, only maturing into the best U.

RIG elements

Sea of Rings

Cheese Walls

Sea of Swings & Bag O Cubes

Acrylic Road

Cargo Net

Salmon Ladder

The BOX | Rings

The Box | Fingerboard & Trapeze

Lache & Cargo Net


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Spring, TX 77386, US

About us

World Champions Centre employs great coaches of various backgrounds and experiences within the world of Gymnastics, Tumbling, Cheer, Parkour, and more. All of our coaches are trained and certified with USAG, the governing body of U.S.A. Gymnastics.

We look forward to seeing your athlete in our gym and partnering with you in helping your athlete reach their potential. If you have any questions please let us know we would love to help!

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